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Helicopter Charters in Columbus Frequently Asked Questions

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Below you’ll find an informative list of a couple of the most often inquired about questions or concerns our clients have:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there an age restriction for helicopter flights?

We require that anyone under the age of 18 be accompanied by an adult, the adult will have to be either the parent or legal guardian of the underage passenger and all passengers will be expected to sign waivers at the time of service.

Is there a weight limit to fly?

The weight limitations are based on the aircraft, the pilot will determine proper seating arrangements for the restrictions of the aircraft and to provide the most balanced and proportionate flight, ensuring safety of the passengers to the utmost.

Am I allowed to communicate with the pilot and crew?

You will be given a headset with a voice piece so as to communicate with the pilot however, there may be times during flight, ascension and landing when he /she will require that you do not speak.

How high will the helicopter fly over the landscape and attractions?

Typically, helicopters will fly roughly 1000 or feet above ground level to provide you with the most outstanding view of the attractions and landmarks below, the helicopter is capable of ascending and descending rapidly, in the event you are pursuing aerial photography, you will need to contact customer service in respect to modifying flight elevations and find out what the restrictions are.

How long do helicopter Tours and Charters typically last?

The time frame of your particular flight is based upon whether you just need transport from one place to another or have booked a tour over landmarks and attractions. They can range anywhere from roughly 30 minutes to up to three hours. Contact customer service to get specific timetables in reference to your individual flights.

How costly are helicopter flights?

We have a variety of price points and flight options all ranging from our luxury service package to budget friendly options for individual flights and tours. The pricing varies dependent upon the amount passengers, what type of aircraft is called for, the flight time and location and the type of service. It would be safe to assume you could pay as little as $100 for some flight options. Be sure to contact our agents to determine what flights and pricing options are available in your area.

What happens in inclement weather?

There are instances when a flight may take place during weather conditions that are not ideal, however, if the pilot's visibility is impaired or your flight calls necessitates that weather conditions be favorable as you are taking pictures or video then you may be asked to reschedule for the next available date.

How far in advance do i need to schedule my helicopter flight?

It depends what you are interested in using our service for. If you're sightseeing and want to fly over particular events and attractions, it's important to schedule far enough in advance to make sure to secure availability during peak season to guarantee you get that flight as those events and attractions may not be as enticing or exciting throughout the rest of their seasons. If our service is contracted for emergency assistance, we have been known to schedule flights without hardly any notice at all, the same applies to last minute executive flights. It’s always safe to assume that advance notice for flights provides more flexibility in you being able to book what you want, when you want.

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